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An excellent spaceship game to play with the keyboard, gamepad or joystick.

Chicken Invaders is a hilarious game where you have to save the earth from an invasion of chickens from another galaxy.

Fun spaceship game where you have to destroy all the asteroids in the galaxy.

A sensational spaceship and space adventure game.

The sequel to the famous Clash`N Slash, but even more spectacular than the original.

Shoot with your space ship destroying all the enemy ships that want to destroy the Earth.

Surf through your favourite music on board a spaceship.

Shoot coloured rays to the beat of the music.

A spaceship game with a retro feel, where you confront kamikazes, bombers, powerful ships, etc.

Spectacular and exciting battle in outer space with 19 different types of weapons and more than 50 distinct enemies to defeat.

The classic game of fighting aliens in space but with sounds and graphics like you've never seen.

Spectacular 3D action game where you must pilot a ship without stopping shooting.

Take part in impressive aerial combats against the Soviet Army.

A classic alien-killer to really raise your adrenalin levels.

A sensational ship arcade game, with first rate graphics and huge playability.
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