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A professional icon and cursor design and creation tool.

Free icon pack of the iconic ninja Naruto and his friends.

Second part of the icon pack of the ninja Naruto and his friends.

Icons of characters from Anime cartoons.

On of the most professional tools for administering icons.

Free pack of twelve icons in the Windows XP style

A small collection of high quality icons related to Hello Kitty.

Create your own icons to decorate your PC using your images.

A free utility that replaces the old icons from Windows 95, 98, and ME for those of XP.

The simplest way to change all the Windows icons in one go.

Pack of icons for all Futurama fans with some famous heads in jars from the 20th Century.

A complete collection of icons for Android programmers.

Collection of 16 comic-style icons based on the Apple iPhone.

Personalize and change the look of your PC with your own icons.

A free icon pack of the main characters from Dragon Ball.
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