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Colour selector with support for various formats (RGB, hexadecimal) and programming languages.

A simple free colour selection utility.

An advanced graphic colour selector: it copies the WebHex and RGB codes of the colour you want.

One of the best colour selectors you can find.

Select the colour which you want on the screen just by placing the mouse cursor over it.

Obtain the colour code in RBG, hexadecimal and in HTML value for any window, web or program running.

A colour pallette where you can create, combine and select colours for your web designs.

Colour selector with a palette of up to 16 tones and a magnifying glass.

A complete colour palette at your disposition.

A pack that offers a colour selector, letter fonts and new cursors to include in your designs.

A highly useful tool to know the exact data on any colour that appears on-screen (RGB, Hexadecimal ...)

Select any tone on the screen and get the code in RGB, VB, CMYK, etc.

Simple utility for web designers so they can select the correct code for a colour, in decimal, RGB or HTML.

A powerful colour selector with support for multiple formats.

It lets you get the colour of any object on the screen.
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