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A game of checkers against the PC or a friend.

A variation on the game of draughts played with red and blue pieces.

A draughts game (checkers in the USA) to play, with different modes.

Enjoy playing checkers with this elegant game and test your brain to the limit.

The definitive checkers game.

Simple Checkers game to play on-line games with players from across the world.

Entertaining game of draughts (or checkers) for you to play alone or compete on the Internet.

An excellent game of checkers to play over the Internet or on a LAN with up to 6 players.

Finally this fantastic draughts game on your PC.

Excellent draughts game to play on-line for free via the Internet.

Those who are addicted to draughts (or checkers in the USA) can now play magnificent 3D games.

Bored of playing the same old draughts? Then try this Chinese draughts.

The classic game of checkers now in multiplayer mode.

Draughts game which includes 3 interesting variations: English mode, International mode and Russian mode.

Exciting games of Chinese checkers, in multiplayer mode.
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