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An icon pack for the only and only superspy Austin Powers.The entertaining series of films featuring the funky, cheesy and secret spy Austin Powers is very popular. So it's not surprising that packs of icons like this Austin Powers Icons come into being. In Austin Powers Icons you get dozens of icons related to ...

Help Nino to avoid becoming a member of the Mafia.Wisegal is a fascinating game of hidden objects, that tells the story of Patty Montanari, a young girl who is a member of the New York Mafia. She decides to leave to raise her three children. But after various years of happiness, one of them receives a ...

Dress up the most demanding pets in the latest fashions.The fashion world also comes to the most demanding pets, so the fashion agency Dress-up Pups was created. But the Pattie's boss has to be away for a few days, and has decided to leave her to charge. Are you willing to lend a hand? Dress-up Pups is a puzzle ...

SpongeBob vs Plankton.SpongeBob Obstacle Odyssey 2 is the second part of a Spongebob game for your PC. The complete and original name is SpongeBob SquarePants Obstacle Odyssey 2. This is a crazy adventure in the same style as the TV show, in which SpongeBob must travel back in ...
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