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Plug-in for Photoshop that lets you work with RAW formats coming from digital cameras.

Excellent program for dealing with images and photographs

A plug-in for Photoshop which lets you record images in HD Photo.

Excellent program in different languages for treating photos and images.

Plugin for Photoshop and Corel Paint Shop Pro that gives a comic air to your images.

A plug-in for Photoshop that includes lighting, retouching and optimization tools.

A plug-in with which you can create and compile .ico icons directly from PhotoShop itself.

Plug-in to add to Photoshop that lets you create new effects to deform and distort your images.

A plug-in for Photoshop to improve the quality of your photos, adjusting their properties to your tastes.

Impressive pack of new filters for Photoshop.

A viewer for .abr files with Photoshop brushes.

A plug-in for Photoshop that lets you apply dozens of styles in black and white.

A plug-in for Photoshop oriented towards professional photography.

Surprising extension for Photoshop, which applies folding and doubling effects to your photos.

A plug-in for Photoshop with 20 effects to correct tone defects and make changes.
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